• Málaga Aeronautical Museum (map)
  • Málaga Aeronautical Museum
  • 29004 Málaga
  • Spain


For the fourth year in a row, we join Málaga’s tradition of opening-up museums for free on this very special night. We’ll light-up our airplanes to let them shine under the Moon, doors wide open so that you can enjoy the museum under the stars.

Our theme last year was “Reaching for the stars” and almost 1,200 visitors chose us to enjoy something different in the Night in White. A museum that is always free, and in the Night in White the public chooses us more and more…astonishing!

We want our visitors feeling at home, so our volunteers will put on their best gowns to give you an unique experience, showing you all the secret ins and outs of the aircraft with their pilots, engineers, and even interactive activities and experiments for all the family in a museum lit up under the night sky.

Do not miss the chance to live an unforgettable Night in White!

As always, admission is free of charge and no pre-booking is required.


  • Pilots manning all cockpits to give you detailed explanations
  • Workshops with live flight experiments and flight simulation in our Interpretation Centre
  • Workshop “How to build a plane at home” by Mario Castillo, alongside the Menestrel light aircraft and the Bell 47 helicopter
  • Security crack-point recreation, located at the access point for the Convair 440
  • Exchange of aeronautical books for food destined to social causes with the help of Bancosol
  • Our expert volunteers will be at every corner to solve your pressing questions: pilots, engineers, technicians, and even the museum’s very own restorers!


On Saturday 20th May from 7 o’clock in the evening, we’ll have a very special parking set-up for our visitors. In the map below you’ll see its location, and we’ll also mark it with a sign at its entrance.