• Málaga Aeronautical Museum (map)
  • Carr. Aeroclub
  • Málaga, AL, 29004
  • España


The Queen's 90th anniversary comes to Málaga, and in honour of our British colonies throughout the Costa del Sol -who make up for more than 33% of our airport's traffic- we've decided to celebrate in a big way.

We have an amazing event set for Her Majesty, including a collection of 25 classic cars, display of the 16 Commonwealth flags, chorus of British folklore music, newly translated museum explanation signs, a banquet (to which you're invited to bring a little something cake-ish), and much more. All made to create a festive but comfortable atmosphere between those who share their British heritage in celebration.

God save the Dove! is our motto. Our DeHavilland Dove is our last aircraft awaiting restoration, and we wanted to paint it in British Eagle livery in honour of the Queen and our British colonies. We want your help to bring it back to its proud life; anyone interested in coming along to give us a helping hand, or knows where to get DeHavilland information to restore it better, or has some materials to donate we could use for it, or just spreading the word will make our day worth it!

We can´t wait for you to join us at 4:40pm for an evening tea on Saturday 11th June!


In honour of Her Majesty The Queen, this event will have a massive free parking for visitors, specially opened for the occasion.

Its entrance will be suitably signalled, and you can see below the exact location of the parking (just after exiting the SanMiguel roundabout).