Helicopters are really something else... they can hover in mid-air! That adds an extra layer of complexity and concentration for pilots; its complex blade rotation system allows it to move in any direction its pilot wants... by the way, did you know that on helicopters, captains sit on the right, the other way round than in airplanes?

Look at its simplicity: a basic and open structure to save weight, an engine, and a "bubble" cockpit to see in every direction. Done. Its main rotor keeps it in the air and moves it in every direction, whilst the back rotor keeps it from spinning like a spinning top. It stopped flying years ago, abandoned in a field in Córdoba, awaiting our rescue and restoration as a traffic helicopter.

But its story goes way beyond that: it has up to 24 sister variants, and it's an absolute prodigy: in 1946 it became the first helicopter authorised for civil use, in 1950 it was the first to fly over the Alps, and in 1952 it broke the world record for a bi-piston helicopter non-stop flight: 1,217 miles. Still unbeaten.